In her pursuit to be the best in her craft, MEGHANA always gives everything she does her complete self. 

For she believes, that all LIFE has given her is extremely precious, and it deserves her best too.

Hailing from an Army background, she studied to be a journalist. But short while later, she realized her calling was elsewhere. As a theatre enthusiast right since her school days, she decided to make this passion of hers, her career. 

A trained actor with that million dollar *dimpled* smile, she has been a part of several big print campaigns, tv commercials, short films and a feature film. 

She is clearly a person who is constantly looking out to learn, evolve and grow with each assignment she takes on. 

And that gives her an edge as a reigning ANCHOR of India too, where she has been delighted to host live sports events on tv, red carpet gigs, music concerts, big awards nights & gala dinners and high profile conferences. 

Always brimming with ideas to do more with her life, she also explores several other facets of hers as a versatile VO artist, a quirky RJ, an avid traveler, a full time fitness enthusiast and recently having started her new innings as a screen writer. 

The one to fight stereotypes, Meghana believes that life should not be lived in boxes, and that each person, man or woman, has limitless potential. It’s only about finding the right time and opportunity for one to shine. And that can only come when you are passionate and driven about everything you do.

Rightfully so, her positive approach reflects in this beautiful quote by one of her favorite actors, 

“Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else too.”  ~ Meryl Streep.